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On This Island
Directed, written, and produced by Stephanie Slewka
Documentary, 58 minutes
Completed July 2001

A tiny island in Maine is torn apart over the value of art in the local school.
A rift ensues: friends and relatives stop speaking to each other. Then a former Broadway producer who has retired there creates a musical about the island to heal the rift. The documentary follows the making of the show and reveals the inner life of this isolated community.

"On This Island" premiered in a shortend version in August 2001 at the Georgetown Independent Film Festival. It was featured in the NorthWest Current newspaper, on WTOP and WMTW radio stations and WGME Portland.

The musical was written about in The New York Times, the Boston Globe and featured on NPR. Click here to listen to the NPR report. (RealAudio)

The film will premiere in feature length at the Santa Fe Film Festival on December, 7th and 8th 2001.

C1 Travel
Directed and produced by Stephanie Slewka
30 minutes pilot for travel series
Aired on C1TV, March 2001

Snowden Clarke hosts the first ever gay travel show, a half hour of sights, sounds, and excitement—from Aspen’s ski slopes and dogsledding adventures to its restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs. Part travelogue, part cultural show, the program appeals not only to the urbane gay traveler, but to all kinds of travelers.

Eleven more episodes filmed around the world are to be produced, pending C1TV’s future cable agreements.

Pioneer Square: Warum Amerika Boomt
Executive producer field producer: Stephanie Slewka
Documentary/news, 45 minutes, Sept. 1997
Produced for ARD GERMAN TV (national German network)

Winner of two national German awards, this 45- minute show about the American economy was produced from ARD’s Washington DC bureau, where Stephanie Slewka has been an independent producer since 1995. She has produced dozens of pieces and shows for ARD, on topics ranging from politics to Americana.

Eric Hopkins: Maine artist
Directed and produced by Stephanie Slewka
Seven 1-minute pieces for

In these lively first-person video clips, Eric Hopkins, Maine’s foremost landscape painter, talks about his art, his method of working and his life-long fascination with islands. All the while, Hopkins makes his paintings come alive.

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